Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

mold in between ceiling drywall

We Found Mold

During some demolition work at a local Manhattan Beach residents... our technician came across a large amount of mold during a demolition job. 

Mold in Cavity

Whenever you get a gut feeling that you have mold growing somewhere in your home or business, its important not to avoid it.

Funky smells or humidity could be signs of mold growth. In this picture, a customer had large amounts of mold growing in the cavities of their home. 

We Use Non Toxic Chemicals

When SERVPRO of Redondo/Manhattan Beach works at a clients household, we make sure to use non-harmful chemicals when doing our MOLD remediation. We use a plant based chemical's that are highly effective and non toxic to humans/animals. 

No Short Cuts

SERVPRO of Redondo/Manhattan Beach takes pride in our name, we do whatever it takes to get the job done RIGHT!

We don't take no short cuts or do any sloppy work. We make sure to provide nothing but the best for our customers.

In this picture you'll see one of our trained certified techs applying some antimicrobial on a mold job we did at this Redondo Beach home.


If you have mold in your home, contact SERVPRO of Redondo/Manhattan Beach immediately. They will get someone on site to start the remediation process. If you have any questions, you are welcome to reach out at anytime.

(310) 939-9293

Painting Over Mold

The most common method to hide mold is by simply painting over it which also happens to be the absolute worst method.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what most property managers, landlords and or homeowners do when they have mold on walls, ceilings, wood and or drywall.

Many do it ignorantly and some do it purely for profit because it's the cheapest and fastest way to hide mold. 

Don't be this person... Call SERVPRO

Containing humidity levels go a long way

Sometimes, humidity or dampness (water vapor) in the air can supply enough moisture for mold growth.

Indoor relative humidity (RH) should be kept below 60 percent -- ideally between 30 percent and 50 percent, if possible.

Low humidity may also discourage pests (such as cockroaches) and dust mites

Mold Monster Underneath Your House

Sometimes we don't think about the crawlspaces underneath our homes. You could have an outbreak of MOLD without you even noticing. You should inspect once every 3 months to make sure everything is OK in your crawlspace.

Dont like to get dirty? Call out one of or certified technicians to inspect for you, (310)939-9293